Haunted Attraction Consulting


If you’re looking to get started in the Haunted Attraction industry, or you’re already a part of the industry and you’re looking to take your haunt business to the next level, hiring a haunt consultant can save you considerably in both time and money.  Investing in assistance from a professional who can bring experience and know-how to help springboard your business is one of the best investments you can make to expedite and increase the success potential of your attraction. As someone with many years of business experience and the past 7 plus years of proven success as a haunted attraction business owner, now going into the 8th year, I bring the talent and expertise to help you do just that!


Included in my experience, I have started a haunted attraction business and grown it into a successful two attraction event that includes SBA Loan approval and the purchase of the property and buildings. I’ve consistently received overwhelming positive feedback on the seminars I have conducted at Haunted Attraction Conventions, which include topics such as:


  • Marketing
  • Sponsorship
  • Fright Team Procurement and Management
  • Safety


My books, “So You Want to Be a Haunt Entrepreneur” and “Fright Team Management”, have become two of the most popular books in the industry. I’ve also been featured in industry magazines and websites. I’ve served on the board of the International Association of Haunted Attractions (IAHA) and have contributed Safety information for the Haunt Industry to both the IAHA and the Haunted House Association (HHA).  The following are the consulting services available:


Phone Consultation:


You can pre-purchase telephone consulting time with me and I can assist you in one-on-one phone sessions. With phone consulting, you will be given the opportunity to email in advance with your questions and a request for a phone appointment.  After giving serious time and consideration to your questions, I will then call you at the scheduled date and time. The following are the costs and options available for consultation:


*1 Hour or more of Phone Consulting - $75.00 per hour
*10 Hours of Pre-paid consulting – $500.00 ($50.00 per hour)


*Sessions can be used in increments of as little as 15 minutes. This allows you to seek assistance when urgency is an issue, but without being charged for an entire hour of consultation services. To purchase consultation services, please send an email to Kelly@HauntBook.com and indicate the number of consulting hours you would like to purchase. I’ll then send you a Paypal invoice to the email address you provide. Please feel free to also use this email to contact me with any questions.


On Site Consulting:


In addition to phone consultation services, I also offer on-site consulting and training. If you need help recruiting, hiring and/or training your staff, you can hire me to come to your site to conduct the training. The hourly rate listed above would apply; however you would also be responsible for providing travel expenses incurred and there is a 4 hour minimum. To discuss this further, please send an email to Kelly@HauntBook.com with as much specific information regarding your project as possible to request an appointment.


Complete Haunt Consultation Installation Packages:


I can also assist you with complete Haunt Consultation and Installation packages, including:


  • Recruiting, Hiring and/or Training Staff (includes Safety Training)
  • Haunted Attraction/s Design Layout
  • Haunted Attraction Construction
  • Complete Set Design and Installation
  • Façade Design and Installation
  • Storyline / Back-story and Character Development


To discuss this further and to have me develop a complete package quote, please send an email to Kelly@HauntBook.com with as much specific information regarding your project as possible to request an appointment.


Haunting is a serious passion for me, and I’ve been fortunate to combine it with my love for business and entrepreneurship to manifest my haunt dreams. Another passion of mine is to help others turn their dreams into reality. I look forward to working with others who share the same passion for haunting I do!


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