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If youíve found this website, itís probably because you share my passion for all things haunted and horror and you are considering taking the leap into professional haunting and opening your own haunted attraction. Or perhaps youíre an experienced haunter and you want to further improve your business and/or team. Either way, the materials youíll find at this site are beneficial to the first time haunted attraction owner and to someone who has been in the business for years.

Iíve invested tremendous time and energy into developing extremely comprehensive resource material for successful haunted attraction operations and management. I've used my own experience of more than five years of successfully establishing and growing my own attraction into my primary business for which Iíve been able to purchase property and buildings that include the haunted attraction setup and a Fright Team training building. Iíve also incorporated my years of past successful business ownership, management, marketing and team building experience into these products. I am confident that these resources will save you countless hours of ďlearning the hard wayĒ and enable you to grow your business more quickly by utilizing the effective and efficient methods I provide.

It is my sincere desire that the resources I am offering will help you to manifest and realize your dreams like I have! Please be sure to visit my testimonial page to see what others in this industry are saying about my ! Thanks for visiting the site. Happy haunting!


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